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Imagen de @yuyuu_tw.defensor (tiktok) Make Up, Twice Ot9, Twice Video, Aesthetic Makeup, Makeup, Quick Saves
Imagen de @yuyuu_tw.defensor (tiktok)
Songs, Twice Dahyun, Hottest 100, Pale Skin, One In A Million, How To Look Pretty, Defense, Cool Girl, Girl Group
the songs dahyun produced/writed are fucking viral !!
an instagram with the caption'global tweet i got you '
an image of the same page as it appears to be in text, with one line highlighted
expressive rapper dahyun.
Feelings, Acting
girls'generation tweet about their upcoming album, which is now on itunes
02. Moonlight Sunrise & Set me free | 08. Do Not Touch | 11. Bouquet
a collage of photos with women in them
dahyun impact.
do not repost pls !
a woman with her face covered in words
jeongyeon in the fashion industry.
a collage of many different pictures with women's faces and words on them
a woman in pink is posing for a poster
Nayeon achievements
a woman with long black hair standing in front of some plants and flowers, text reads 2
dahyun perfect idol.
an advertisement for the new york times magazine featuring models in jeans and high waisted tops