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Garlic Bok Choy - Garlic Boy Choy that takes only 10 minutes to make from prep to dinner table. Easy and healthy vegetable recipe that calls for only 3 simple ingredients.

"Vicks" scented wax you can make yourself. Could use this with my wax warmer during those stuffy nose seasons.

diy vicks scented wax for colds: melt an unscented wax candle pour into ice cube tray. add six drops each of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary essential oils. pop out cubes store in old scentsy containers to melt in warmers when necessary.

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This is an excellent way to judge plate portions. Portion control is critical to long term weight control and optimized health. Check out my book on the subject. " the Pastorella Family Health Basics Weight Loss System"