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Margaret Keane Volume 34 of Hi-Fructose: The New Contemporary Art Magazine (previously) has recently been announced and will be filled with impressive artwork created by contemporary artists from a.

Margaret Keane, this was her view of the world before she became a Jehovah's Witness. Now her art is bright and beautiful ! The Bible does change lives.

In the and Walter Keane was famous for his paintings of big-eyed, weeping children. The paintings look a good deal like manga art to me. © Margaret Keane The Keane paintings became popular on the West Coast about[…]

4-30:  BIG EYES - Burton returns to the biopic genre by telling the story of Margaret and Walter Keane, and their beautiful and melancholy ‘big eyes’ paintings.

Big Eyes is the new movie from iconic filmmaker Tim Burton. Re-teaming with the writers of Ed Wood, Burton returns to the biopic genre by telling.