Teresa Steinhardt

Teresa Steinhardt

Teresa Steinhardt
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NZ Ecochick: Christmas ideas

Make your own wonderful Christmas gifts that you'll love making and friends and family will love receiving.

i will definitely build this for my children!

I want to live here! When l was a kid, I spent my life climbing trees. If my mum wanted me to come in for a meal, she would go out into the garden or the wood alongside our house and call up to the trees, in the expectation that I was up one of them.

A tensioning trick you may not know - blog - fabric store | portland, oregon | cool cottons

a bobbin tension checking trick - To tighten your bobbin tension, turn the tiny screw on the bobbin case a smidgen clockwise. To loosen bobbin tension, turn the screw counterclockwise. A quarter turn or less is a good place to start.

Sew Delicious: My Tohoku Tote Bag

How to make drawstring and bucket bag - Free Online Class - Learn to sew bags quick and easy. The drawstring bag could be a wet bag if you use PUL fabric.