Bull sculpture, Achaemenid period ca. 550 - 330 BCE. Las orejas y los cuernos…

Bull-Head of 100 column Palace-Persepolis (Oriental institute,Chicago museum) This is one of my favorite museums in Chicago, and often overlooked.

17th century Iran

Bottle with Running Quadrupeds (Object Name: Bottle Date: century Geography: Iran Culture: Islamic Medium: Stonepaste; painted in blue under transparent glaze Dimensions: H. cm) Classification: Ceramics Credit Line: Rogers Fund,

Jar 18th century Stone-paste with underglaze painted decoration  H: 23.0 W: 19.7…

Jar Type Jar Historical period(s) century Medium Stone-paste with underglaze painted decoration Dimension(s) x cm Geography Iran

silver bull 3100-2900 bce

Kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel, Proto-Elamite period, Southwestern Iran, av. JC, source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

‘Jar’ 400–300BCE (Yayoi period) , Japan

BCE Ceramic vessel with rope motif. Yayoi period during which irrigated rice agriculture and the use of bronze and iron first appeared after the Jomon. But the use of the pottery wheel arose during this period,

Jar, Joseon dynasty  18th century  Korea

Jar, Joseon dynasty century Korea Porcelain with underglaze copper-red decoration of grapevine

Head - Neo-Babylonian; ca late 8th - early 7th century BC; Mesopotamia; ceramic…

Head Period: Neo-Babylonian Date: ca. late century B. Geography: Mesopotamia Culture: Babylonian Medium: Ceramic Dimensions: in. cm) [Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY, USA]

Tripod jug Period: Early Bronze Age II Date: ca. 2700–2400 B.C. Geography…

Tripod jug Period: Early Bronze Age II Date: ca. Geography: Northwestern Anatolia Culture: Yortan Medium: Ceramic Dimensions: x in. x cm) Classification: Ceramics-Vessels Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1960 Accession Number: