For some reason...I find this SO funny.

Funny pictures about I mustache you a question. Oh, and cool pics about I mustache you a question. Also, I mustache you a question photos.

Oh Sean!

I moustache you a question. But I'm shaving it. - Sean Connery mustache you a question. But I'm shaving it for later.

Mustaches and crime chart

For all those doing Movember maybe some ideas? a Movember Mustache Chart.

Mustache stamp made from an eraser!!

This Mustache Stamp would make the cutest (and funniest) art project! Kids draw different creatures and we stamp them with mustaches.

Oh my. <3

Accoutrement Mustache Bandages That's not a scratch, that's Mr. Turn any minor injury into a jovial personified body part with these Mustache Bandages.

Easy reference guide

The Facial Hair Chart has cleared up the difference between a wizard and a super-wizard. Longer beard must equate to greater soul power.


Best Mustache Styles Ever Movember There's no doubt that today facial hair styles be it beards or moustache are creating quite a buzz.