Robin Wright Makes #HouseOfCards: Season Three Shine. #Netflix

House of Cards: Season 3 [Music From the Netflix Original Series]

These three segments may not be #JonStewart's most popular ones, but they do represent him at his most intelligent, heartfelt, and, of course, downright funny. #TheDailyShow

Shutstorm America Sits on Its Balls - Bias on Bulls**t Mountain - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The elements of glorification and exploitation in #TheJinx are enough to make one wonder if it supports accused murderer Robert Durst.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst - Official Trailer (HBO)

As with any beloved performer, there was more to #LeonardNimoy than a pair of pointy ears and a catchphrase. Much, much more. #StarTrek #scifi

Actor, artist and philanthropist Leonard Nimoy dies at 83

Not since #HBO’s Game of Thrones has a new series had such a well-established following. #BOSCH

"Bosch" Star Titus Welliver On Finally Getting That Starring Role

Now with a decent amount of episodes under its belt, we can see that what #LarryWilmore is failing to emphasize is the show's greatest strength: himself.

"The Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore talks about his instantly controversial roast at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He also discusses Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican Party and why.