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a small white dog sitting in the grass
Learning to sit @ 8 weeks
1 Day Old Sea Otter Trying to Sleep on Mom - Connie Levenhagen Niemi
a small white dog sitting in the snow next to a metal pole and some grass
This is Luna, a 12 week old White German Shepard with some snow on her Snoot :)
an adult elephant standing next to a baby elephant in the grass with other elephants behind it
Photogenic baby elephant ❤️
a lion cub is playing with its mother in the grass near some bushes and trees
The Last Tsar
two polar bears cuddle together in an enclosure at the zoo, one is holding its cub
Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Werewolves Of Europa Edition
an adult elephant standing next to a baby elephant on top of it's back
This baby elephant...
two polar bears standing next to each other on the ground near a rock wall and one is rubbing its face against another bear's head
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an elephant sitting on top of a rock in the water
an elephant sitting in front of a waterfall
a koala sleeping on top of a tree branch
PetsLady's Pick - Adorable Save The Koala Day Koala Of The Day
three brown bears are climbing up the side of a tree to get their cubs in
Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics
a close up of a hippo swimming in water with its head above the water's surface
Devi the Hippo Calf
an elephant statue is sitting in the water
Jungle Cruise
a squirrel with a flower in its mouth and the words, i'll bring the umbrella
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