Container houses

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Fogonero reciclado con tambor de lavarropas

Container house

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a person laying on a bed in a dark room
Container house
Casa container
the back side of a house with glass walls and grass on the ground in front of it
Container house
a black shipping container sitting on top of a lush green field next to tall trees
Container house
a fire pit sitting on top of a lush green field
Fogonero reciclado con tambor de lavarropas
a bathroom with a sink and mirror on the wall
Baño, muro verde, container house
a black and white photo of a bedroom in the dark with light coming through it
a kitchen counter made out of wood with an oven in the middle and black tiles on the wall behind it
Cocina casa container
Cocina construida en mi proyecto de casa container
a shipping container sitting in the middle of a forest at night with its lights on
an old sign on the side of a building that says morgan's 2 n st floor
Ghost Signs: o outro tipo de propaganda fantasma
Ghost Signs (também conhecidos como "fading ads" e "brick ads") são painéis publicitários pintados à mão entre 1890 e 1960 e que existem até hoje em algumas regiões dos Estados Unidos, Canadá, França e Grã-Bretanha. A incrív...
the wood has been cut into squares and arranged to look like intricate designs on it
Top 10 Ideas For Diy Box Furniture - TOP Cool DIY