Recipe - Frozen Deserts

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three bowls filled with ice cream and strawberries on top of a marble countertop
Mini Strawberry Ice Cream Pies
Mini Strawberry Ice Cream Pies
a piece of cheesecake on a plate with chocolate drizzled over it
No-Bake Peanut Butter-Fudge Ice-Cream Pie Recipe
No-Bake Peanut Butter-Fudge Ice-Cream Pie Recipe
8h 40m
a woman holding a bag of ice cream in front of a bowl of strawberries
Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream
Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream
5h 0m
two desserts with chocolate frosting and nuts on top, one is covered in ice cream
Buster Bar Ice Cream Dessert
two boxes filled with different colored ice creams next to a spoon and scooper
Almost-Instant Soft-Serve
For this quick and delicious ice cream recipe, just puree frozen fruit with sweetened condensed milk.
a cake with white frosting and fruit toppings on a plate next to a fork
Sherbet Cream Cake
Lemon Sherbet Recipe: How to Make It
two bowls filled with ice cream and peaches on top of a white tablecloth
Fresh Peach Ice Cream
This homemade peach ice cream recipe, made with fresh peaches and sweetened condensed milk, is a Southern favorite. Get the recipe for fresh peach ice cream, and serve a scoop up tonight.
6h 50m
two glasses filled with green liquid and topped with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate
Shamrock Shake
Learn how to make a shamrock shake on St. Patrick's Day with this easy recipe for a green, mint-flavored milkshake sweetened with chocolate syrup.
three scoops of ice cream on top of each other in a waffle cone
Rocky Road Ice Cream
Chocolaty rocky road ice cream; this recipe made with condensed milk and heavy and light cream is flecked with miniature marshmallows and chopped nuts.
1h 30m
a dish with nuts and chocolate in it that says, drumstick dessert no bake
Drumstick Dessert | No Bake potluck dessert - Food Meanderings
This delectable Drumstick Dessert offers a hassle-free approach to satisfy your craving for drumsticks through a delightful no-bake treat! It's ideal for quickly preparing and bringing to spontaneous potlucks, barbecues, or summer get-togethers. Moreover, its flavor impeccably replicates the taste of an actual drumstick!
an ice cream sundae with peaches and cinnamon on top in a glass dish
No Churn Peach Pie Ice Cream
No Churn Peach Pie Ice Cream
a scoop of ice cream with a mint sprig on the side in a white bowl
Raspberry Sorbet
This raspberry sorbet is a delicious frozen treat full of berry flavor with just a hint of honey. This recipe can be served as a smooth sorbet or icy granita.
6h 25m
a chocolate ice cream sandwich on a white plate
Classic Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
This ice cream sandwich will remind you of your childhood; homemade soft, sticky, chocolate cookies sandwiched with plain vanilla ice cream. Delicious!
1h 10m
two popsicle shaped like airplanes sitting on top of a table next to a lemon
Creamy Lemonade Ice Pops
These creamy lemonade-flavored ice pops are quick to make, and the level of sweetness can be adjusted to your liking.
4h 10m