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a yarn wreath hanging on the front door with knitting needles and balls of yarn in it
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a blue chair sitting in front of a flower filled planter on the side of a building
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
It’s always nice to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture, and this project does just that! I had an old chair lying around that was just begging for something bright and new, so I decided to turn it into a planter! This chair planter brings a lot of whimsy to my garden and is a beautiful focal point as well. It’s a simple project that anyone can do, and you don’t even need any heavy-duty tools to do it! Follow my step-by-step tutorial below to get started on your own chair planter ...
two white adiron chairs sitting next to each other
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
How to build a simple and classic stone fire pit for your backyard.Building Your Fire Pit
a woman standing next to three tiered trays filled with fruit and flowers on top of a table
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
Need a colorful, customizable cake plate for an upcoming event? This project is for you! I love IKEA’s products, but some of them are a touch simple for my taste. When I saw this tiered glass cake stand I knew that I could create something beautiful that fit my style to a tee! The technique I’ll be showing you today is not food safe, however, it’s not really a problem as we’ll be decorating the bottom side of the plate. Because the plates are glass it will show through from the top and look ...
a burlock bag filled with apples and pumpkins hangs on the front door
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
Find a cute burlap bag (or make one) like this and make an adorable fall decoration you can hang on a door or use it to add a touch of fall color anyplace in your home!
four pink flowers with yellow centers in the grass
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
All summer long I enjoy real flowers in the gardens, and I can't help myself from creating repurposed flowers to accompany them... like the flowers I'm sharing today made from badminton birdies.
a wooden table with a basket on top of it next to a blue leather chair
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
The stories a table could tell...My in-laws recently redid their kitchen, and my mother-in-law had a sentimental attachment to the old Formica countertops she’d prepared meals on for years. She still loved the blue, but they modernized the whole kitchen. They brought over a chunk of the countertop and asked if I could make something with it. A bit of creative designing from my wife and I was able to give the countertop a new life with the help of a little scrap oak I had in the shop. (I list ...
the hallway is clean and ready to be used as a place for art or decorations
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
I couldn't believe this little stool was $275 at a designer store so I set out to make my own using materials I already had in the garage!
some driftwood and glue are sitting on a towel next to a white ball ornament
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
When I was at a local home decor store, I came across these adorable driftwood orbs. They were so cute and would look perfect on my mantle, however I was not willing to pay $30+ dollars for one. So I headed to the beach and found some driftwood pieces knowing I could make one myself for much cheaper. And it cost me less than $1!Get my full driftwood orb DIY here! All you need is some driftwood (and if you don't have a beach you can buy some online), a styrofoam ball (mine was abou…
three glass balls with gears on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden table
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
I ordered some epoxy resin for a table that I was making, it was so much cheaper to buy a large bottle and now I have some left over to play around with. And making door knobs came to mind.
a woman standing in front of a green window with bars on the windowsills
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
We are cheering up a sad window three ways. This is Part One! We made this leaded glass effect with no glass cutting or soldering. We used a special metal tape. See the full length video and enter our contest for a free roll of this tape here.Watch the longer video to enter our contest for free stained glass tape!
several umbrellas are hanging from a wooden rack
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
I love finding fun ways for using up different shapes and sizes of scrap fabric. So here is another one. It’s an easy, no-sew tutorial for making fabric wrapped hangers from those thin trimmings of fabric leftover when you square up a piece of fabric.I’ve seen other tutorials for making fabric wrapped hangers but they often involve a very precisely cut width of all one type of fabric – they are pretty, don’t get me wrong – but since my starting point was how to use up these long thin fabric ...
a basket filled with plants sitting on top of a wooden table
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
I sometimes collect baskets to put pots in my garden. Unfortunately they do not last but one season because wicker rots out in the weather. I do not know why I did not do this sooner but here is my solution for any of those $1 wicker baskets you find at garage/yard sales- Dip them in hypertufa (or concrete) and turn them into garden planters and baskets. There are steps to follow and you need to find baskets that will soak up water to make this work. I did 3 baskets and now I am going to hunt
a wreath is hanging on the mantle next to books
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
Who doesn't love a great thrift store find?! Whenever I get the chance to go to the local "Bargain Barn", I am never disappointed. This time around, I found a large mirror on sale, but I wasn't loving the frame. Nothing a little paint and elbow grease can't fix!
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a book shelf and a desk
Make Your Own Driftwood Orb Ball
If you are in need of a super simple project that is sure to be pretty and functional during this crucial time of e-learning and working from home, then this DIY Ladder Desk with Shelves is perfect. Plus, it can be done is as little as one day!Research