Doily Packages with Ribbon

paper doily envelope-way cooler than the other Valentine's day junk they're already filling the store shelves with.

DIY wrapping paper gift bags

make gift bags out of wrapping paper! i bet you could even make bigger bags to hold bigger items with a little math! You might need to use spray adhesive to attach plain paper to reinforce thin wrapping paper.

Christmas gift wrapping | Photography: Christine Meintjes

Print Your Own Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

About 30 different ways to embellish brown paper gift wrapping.  It was REALLY hard to figure out which favorite to use for this thumbprint!

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With EVERYTHING {including string

Dressed Up Brown Paper Bags w/ Paper Doilies Tutorial

Call me doily-obsessed. Check out how beautiful they look on a plain brown paper bag. Just the plain lunch bags and paper doilies are what I used.

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