We are so grateful for this land and want to share some of it's beauty we look forward to every trip.
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a man holding a pink flower in his right hand and smiling at the camera with trees in the background
Did you know we work with hundreds of Nicaraguan farmers to get USDA Organic & Non-GMO certified🌵 It has been incredibly rewarding to work with those that provide us with the healthiest Dragon Fruit in the land🏔 #Grateful #SupportOrganicFarms #PitayaPlus
the sun is setting over a body of water with mountains in the backgroud
Nicaragua volcano
Managua, Nicaragua    This girl practically lives at a garbage dump in La Chureca. This girl calls this horrid place a home. But she smiles. Portraits, People, Portrait, Culture, People Around The World, Vida, Living In La, Tribe
Laughing in the dirt
Managua, Nicaragua This girl practically lives at a garbage dump in La Chureca. This girl calls this horrid place a home. But she smiles.
two children sitting in front of a pile of bananas and melons at a market
Papaya vendor and her children in managua Nicaragua market by luca.gargano, via Flickr) - R_13.10.2013
a man standing in front of a waterfall next to a lush green forest filled with trees
Waterfall on Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua. Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua. Its name derives from the Nahuatl words ome and tepetl, meaning two mountains.
some pink roses in front of a building with a red dome on it's roof
Roses Of Nicaragua
Roses setting off Granada Cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage as seen in its architecture and structure.
a woman sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean under a sunset
This side of mortality is scaring me to death.
Beautiful Nicaragua
a dirt road leading to a fence with a mountain in the background
a blue door is on the side of a pink and yellow building
Granada Colours, a photo from Granada, South | TrekEarth
a blue door is on the side of a yellow and red building with steps leading up to it
10. Take a girl’s trip to somewhere inspiring… Central America sounds nice. || Granada, Nicaragua
a person standing in front of a colorful building
Photo Round Up - Week 7
Nicaragua, neighbor of the north to my favorite (and only visited Central American country).
a young boy is smiling and holding a bird on his head while standing next to him
A young Miskito boy playfully shows off with a small native chicken on his head in Krin Krin, Nicaragua, located on the Rio Coco.
A spirit of thankfulness and gratitude brings new blessings. (Smile from Krin Krin, Nicaragua)
a yellow church with a cross on the ground
Granada Cathedral
Granada Cathedral, Nicaragua. Granada Cathedral, also known as the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption), is a Catholic church located in the heart of the city of Granada Nicaragua in the main tourist area of the city. Granada Cathedral is a great representation of the city's Spanish colonial style and flavor.
a large mountain covered in green vegetation under a blue sky
Ometepe, Nicaragua
Ometepe, Nicaragua | 22 Stunning Under-The-Radar Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List In 2014
two people sitting on a swing in front of a wooden structure with trees and rocks
Quirky hostels around the world
The Tree House Poste Rojo Location: Granada, Nicaragua. This large treehouse on the road between Granada and San Juan del Sur has a range of housing available, from furnished private treehouses to shared dorm rooms. For money savers, there are also covered hammocks available to rent outside for under ten dollars (five pounds). The Tree House Poste Rojo is also known for hosting the best Full Moon parties in the jungle.