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two pieces of paper cut out to look like flowers on the ground next to each other
SHADOW DRAWING - Mini Mad Things
how to make a straw and paper plane shooter with instructions on how to use it
How to Make Straw and Paper Shooters: Airplane
a hand holding a piece of paper with the words straw plane variations above it and below it
Straw Plane Variations — All for the Boys
Straw planes made with different shapes. So easy to make out of a straw, paper and tape!
a bathroom wall with the words straw plane written on it and a toilet paper roller attached to the wall
Search All House Plans | Nauta Home Designs
straw planes-we made this for our Kindergarten "Science Fest" day this year and the kids loved them! Super easy, super fast, and super fun!
a young child is playing with blue and white paint on a piece of paper that he made
Pouring Station Activity for Toddlers - Busy Toddler
six plastic water bottles filled with different colored candies on top of a metal tray
Sensory Bottles for Little Ones - Plain Vanilla Mom
a little boy is playing with bubbles in the water while looking at it's reflection
Bubbles Sensory Bags - Happy Toddler Playtime
a toddler playing with colored toys on the floor in front of a bookcase that reads sorting toys by color
Fun Activities to Help Your Toddler Learn Colors!
toddler approved activities for painting with water and oranges, including playing with paper plates
Indoor Toddler Activities for 12-18 Months - Little Learning Club