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two women in bikinis are posing for a photo with one woman pointing at the camera
a woman sitting on the floor with a guitar in her lap and looking at it
Silk & Rayon
Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, Women, Girl, Model, Boyds, Ageless Beauty
Pattie Boyd shares intimate look at time with George Harrison and Eric Clapton
black and white photograph of two people in suits, one holding a handbag while the other wears a hat
53 Cannes Film Festival Photos That Will Take You Way, Way Back
the woman is getting her hair combed by two other women in front of them
Teenage Wasteland.
Youtube, Style Icon, Beatles Girl, Inspo
made in the sixties
an old photo of four women with long hair and bangs, posing for the camera
Byron's Muse
a woman with her arms crossed sitting on a couch
New blog: !!
a woman sitting at a table in front of a glass vase with flowers on it
Time Bomb Baby
black and white photograph of a woman with long hair wearing a fur stole around her neck
Who Are The 60s Dolly Girls?
a woman laying in the grass with her hands on her face and feet up above her head
Sexy Super Natural
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1960s Fashion
The Pattie Boyd Effect/Affect