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a sign that says do good things on it
Do Good Things
Build, Great, Things … this doesn't do it justice… but you'll just have to come see it for yourself… tomorrow/today… Friday… at our open house! @Matt Scribner & @Bradley F Edwards put their best into doing this go...
a woman is sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and writing on a wall
Wall art at the GYM 🤘🎨/ Роспись стены/ Оформление пространства/ Рисунок на стене
an empty gym with exercise equipment in the background and neon lights on the wall above
I SUHANOVO I Проект интерьера таунхауса I Спортивный зал I Design: Ortho architects CG: aleinikovaaa #orthoarchitects #orthoarchitects_suhanovo
a pink and black building with graffiti on it
Coolhuntermx - VVORKROOM, estudio que integra el lado humano
VVORKROOM, estudio que integra el lado humano
three people are sitting on the steps in front of a yellow building with a triangle painted on it
This Restaurant Facade Tricks The Eye With Tape
an exercise equipment rack with dumbs, kettles and yoga balls on it's sides
New Gym Multi Storage Rack/integrated Storage Station
Source New Gym Multi storage rack/Integrated Storage Station on
there are many colorful birds painted on the side of this building that's black
Les « Cycles Lunaires » de Mademoiselle Maurice
140 mètres de long, 15 m de haut, 500 litres de peinture, 15000 origami, quelques centaines (milliers ?) de "morigami", près de trois semaines de pluie, pour
a gym with rows of weight benches and exercise equipment
How to Take Your Gym Design to the Next Level