Feature:1. Easy to Use: Used to remove and install suspension struts while leaving the hub on the vehicle, designed to keep the suspension hubs separate and open. 2. Double Ended: The double ended design allows suspension strut split spreader to be used with the larger upper hub and the lower ball jointed hub to be split, not easy to break. 3. Durable Material: Suspension strut spreader tool is made of premium steel material, durable and reliable, high strength and wear resistant, having long service time. 4. Wide Application: The suspension strut hub steering knuckle spreader is highly versatile, can be used on a wide range of vehicles and models. 5. Improved Performance: Expertly designed to split the steering knuckle hub, enhancing your vehicle's suspension and braking performance. Spec Hand Tools, Separates, Splits, Vehicles, Ball And Joint, Knuckle, Separate, The Struts, Enhancement