two gnomes with flowers on their heads are sitting next to each other, one is wearing a yellow hat
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Summer flower gnome, Spring scandinavian leprechaun, Soft plush gnome, Swedish dwarf as a gift to mom, Gift for husband - set of 2 gnomes

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Summer scandinavian gnome will decorate the interior of your home. It will be a wonderful gift for birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Please your girlfriend, mom, dad, friend, sister or neighbor, colleague. This gnome will give a smile and a good mood to your loved ones. The gnome is made of high quality materials. All materials are soft and pleasant to the touch. The gnome is neatly packaged in a gift box. Not exactly what you are looking for? Then visit my store and choose a doll of your choice! If you have any wishes, please contact me! Give joy to your loved ones! Please pay attention! DELIVERY may take longer due to world events. I also draw your attention to the fact that the work of the postal and customs services is beyond my control. Please take this into account when placing an order. Thank you for visiting my store. Yours sincerely, Ilona
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