"Handmade Steampunk necklace. One-of-a-kind pieces by Miss Mary \"Steam\" using upcycled, old watch parts, gears from clocks, old keys, vintage jewelry and unique finds. Miss Mary has made a name for herself, selling her unique pieces all over the Midwest by going to Steampunk conventions, art faires, craft shows and upcycle markets. For more specific information about this particular piece, please contact the artist.  What is steampunk? It's a re-imagining of history - Steampunkers are creative people who immerse themselves in the Victorian era, imagining what life would be like if the steam power of the Industrial Revolution fueled modern technology. It's also a celebration of invention, the art of science woven into creative gadgets, costumes and jewelry that recalls the elegance and ro What Is Steampunk, Face Gear, Steampunk Watch, Vintage Knobs, Old Keys, Unique Finds, Watch Parts, Old Watches, Steampunk Necklace