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Prenatal Yoga ~Quicker + Less Painful Birth~ why each move helps.

Published on September 19, 2022
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Truth, I get often “why does she make everything look so seggual” and honestly I just let it roll off my back ✌️ because I know what I’m teaching is making a difference in birth outcomes!
    🤍 Movement during labor like circles or figure 8’s help manage the pain of labor while creating space for baby to descend.
      🤍When your uterus contracts during labor it will slightly tilt forward, thus being in an upright or leaning forward position helps with labor pains and creates more affective contractions.
        Knees in and knees out make a difference in the positioning of your pelvis and the slightest shift in your bodies position could make the world of difference for you.
          Shaking your hips during contractions can release tension from the hips and pelvic floor which can help in the progression of labor.
            So yeah, let’s just all agree that the movement that got the baby in there is the same movement that will get that baby out. Can I get a 💯
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