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Gothic test tube stand, Propagation station, Gothic flower stand

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If you are a Witch, Alchemist or a Wizard brewing your potions and having a problem with sample phials tipping over. If you don't want to waste time waiting for elixir to cool down... wait no more, Gothic Test Tube stand is for you!:D A stand for tubes inspired by Gothic architecture. Made of plywood and hand painted with black varnish. Edges left in natural brown-burnt colour. Set of 7 (12 cm = 4,7inches height; diameter 2,5cm = 0,8inches) test tubes that can work as miniature flower vase, a clear flowerpot, stand for herbs in the kitchen, you can put jewellery or other small items in them. At first I was trying to design a shot stand for a sort of colourful mini drinks... seriously... you can use it for whatever you can imagine:) Dimensions: Length 24,5 cm = 9,5 inches Height 19 cm = 7,5 inch Width 7cm = 2,75 inches The test tubes are made of glass **Item is not water or weather -proof, Pictures are taken in the forest because it's a beautiful scenery**
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