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You've just started your dreams of becoming a thriving Etsy shop owner right? But you're not quite rolling in the dough yet. Actually now that you think about it, the "cha-chings" have been far and few between. What's to give? So, you ask google, Pinterest and Group pages, "Hey guys, I just started my shop and I am getting a few views, but not a lot of sales. What can I do?" Almost every comment is SEO and keywords What the heck is SEO? Now you're stumped. LET ME HELP! SEO is a marketing term: Search engine optimization and Etsy has it's own form of SEO different than search engines such as Google. It takes days, months and years to get a grasp on the ever-changing, confusing and downright overwhelming Etsy search engine optimization. (Trust me, I've spent the last 3 years perfecting it.) So, how can you FINALLY get a grasp on Etsy SEO and build your dream business? Insert, The SEO and Keyword Guide by Marketing Templates Co. The road to starting your Etsy shop and scaling your business is overwhelming, scary and down right confusing. But you don't have to do it alone, let me give you all the tools you need to make you a money making machine and an Etsy SEO EXPERT! About This Ebook - 49 page PDF - Master Excel document to track keywords, listings, and analytics for maximum success - Product listing planner and product analytic analyzer - Complete Etsy Shop Audit - Etsy Profile Checklist to Rank High in Etsy Searches - 6 Keyword Planners to Help you Choose High Ranking and Highly Searched Keywords for your Listings Etsy SEO and Keyword Video for the visual learners Content What is SEO? Where to find Keywords Keyword Ideas and Planners Incorporating your Keywords - Product Title - Title Dos - Title Don'ts - Long Tail Keywords - The Best Title Formula to Rank High in Etsy Search - Shop Sections and Categories Description - Back Links - Attributes Tags - Tagging Dos - Tagging Don'ts - Keyword Ideas Keyword and SEO Key Points/ Overview How Etsy Ranks your Products FAQ Revenue Starts to Decline - Etsy Success Checklist What you will receive? - 49 Page PDF - Excel Document for Keywords and Analytics - Download to your laptop or tablet OR print out at home! About Me - 3x Etsy Shop Business Owner with over $100,00 in revenue (Main Shop: @OhBabyTemplates) - Full time Digital Marketer with a degree in Marketing - Full Time Social Media Manager - Freelance Etsy Shop "critic-er" through Upwork I've worked with over 20 shops including: - DesignsByMorganLeigh - SweetElizabethCake - N-Style ID If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the "Message Seller" below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Join our FREE Etsy Seller's Tips and Tricks Facebook Group here ---> Are you a complete Etsy Newbie? Consider our Etsy Beginners Bundle here ----> Do you need social media help for your Etsy Shop? What about driving FREE traffic to your Etsy Shop? Check out our 100 page Pinterest Guide here! ----> ✨Use code: BUNDLEDEAL when you purchase 2 or more items for 20% off your entire purchase!✨ ✨ Try Canva Pro for free here! ➡️ ✨
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