two skeins of multicolored wool sitting on top of a white surface
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Cormo and Mulberry Silk, Custom Fiber Base, Hand Dyed, Combed Top, Roving, for Spinning, Felting, 4 ounces

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This listing is for one of the 4 ounce braids pictured of 75% cormo (fine wool) and 25% mulberry (cultivated) silk. In this custom fiber base, half of the mulberry silk started white and the other half is a gorgeous silver/gray, giving the dyed braid multiple dimensions of color. This base is approximately 20 microns. This is kettle dyed, which is more random than our mirrored striping. Colors include pinks, turquoise, and yellow; with combinations of these. One braid has areas of deeper color and one is more smooth. If you prefer one over the other, and there are two braids available, please let us know during check out. This combed top is good for all level of spinners but may be a bit slippery for a new spinner. It is next to the skin soft, and has a great shine from the silk. It may be a little slippery for some, but it is easy to adjust to once you get used to it. Due to how this base was blended, it is a very smooth spin and can be spun to lace weight without difficulty or any other weight of yarn you want to achieve. We suggest any finished items be hand washed, with no agitation. Use towels to roll out excess water and lay flat to dry. This will avoid shrinking and/or felting. All items are made and stored in a pet friendly (dogs) and smoke-free home. Fiber is a product of the UK. We do our best to take accurate photos of all our products. However, please be aware that all monitors show color slightly differently.
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