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Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul

Anime picture tokyo ghoul studio pierrot kaneki ken chimachi single tall image short hair looking at viewer red eyes fringe white hair nail polish glowing fingernails glowing eye (eyes) hand in pocket black sclera male jacket hood 371374 en

Story of Kaneki Ken---Tribute--- Although I never saw this anime before,it looks so sad and gives a deep feeling to it.

Kaneki Ken _Tokyo Ghoul>>>>>at first i was like 'oh this is kaneki's transformation i guess.

Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kagune Types

I don't know which Kagune I would want. Maybe a rinkaku to be like Kaneki. But bikaku don't have any known weaknesses and I've always wanted a tail.

Centipede -Tokyo Ghoul

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El de blanco xD

Just finished this anime. I'm in a pool of tears falling apart.

(Tokyo ghoul / Kaneki Ken / Kirishima Touka / Tsukiyama Shuu by Aaa ※Permission to upload this was given by the artist) Ah~ Shame, I ship Kaneki and Tsukiyama.