The Chief Drive-In Theatre was opened in 1953 and to distinguish itself from the adjacent Corral Drive-In, installed a bright neon tube and porcelain sign. The highly visible Topeka Landmark sign served the Drive-In for 30 years before the theater closed in 1982. When a new shopping center was being built in 1995 on a nearby property, the sign was saved, moved and restored by Wal-Mart. The sign is a visual reminder of how creative and colorful outdoor advertising and signage once was.

The Chief Drive-In Theatre (Topeka , KS) So glad Wal-Mart kept the marquee when they bought the Drive-in property!

La Palma Chicken Pie Shop (Anaheim, CA)  OMG we ate here all the time, we still say we wish we had a chicken  pie from the Chicken Pie Shop!!!!!!!

La Palma Chicken Pie Shop (Anaheim, CA) We used to drive past this all the time. I can feel myself peering out from the backseat of the 1970 Oldsmobile Cutless.

Howard Johnson's - loved eating chocolate ice cream from the silver bowl!

Howard Johnson's Ice Cream in Times Square — June 1985 Loved that sign when we were kids, with mom & dad, on a road trip.

Beep's Burgers San Francisco, California

An icon for me -- THE burger place in the City College area, waaaay before McDonald's came along.