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♂ Dolphins jumping sunrise sunset ~ By Roberth jump over the sunset



Wat een mooie combinatie

Day butterflies give me so much hope. From a ugly bug to this beauty you really have to appreciate nature.

Bees, Butterfly, Insects, Butterflies

#Clear #wings #tranparent

the real translucent butterfly is called a Glasswing Butterfly with color only on tips of the wing not bubble translucent wings like this one.check Internet for more info.

by © Budi ‘Ccline’  Praying Mantis

Exquisite photo of a praying mantis. Simply magical understanding: the light is good. it represents the sun and the mantis is doing a pray. a light and little mantis is praying on the highest peak it can get.


Ladybug on flower. Earlier I mentioned my nerves were going crazy and the visual was a lady bug. Things are improving so here is one lady bug to celebrate.

Butterfly - Julia Everhart Photography

Swallowtail Reflections by Julie Everhart on

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(Yosemite) would be a great shot on hoodoo trail

Ant. Beautiful animal photography and pictures. Helpful inspiration to support activities and lessons for good teamwork. Works well with motivation quotes and inspirational quotes. For more great inspiration follow us at 1StrongWoman.

The importance of teamwork. The insects were caught on camera forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. Source: Escape ants are a tower of strength (Daily Express)

Photo Credit: Ugur Doyduk

The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly. ~Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun Photo © Ugur Doyduk ♥ Rivers in the Ocean