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TOPSHOTS Visitors watch Mirella Ferraz, known as Brazilian mermaid, as she swims with fish in a giant tank during a show at an aquarium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on February AFP PHOTO / Nelson ALMEIDA

Advice from a mermaid

Advice from an EX-MERMaID ! dbAdvice from a Mermaid Canvas - Get Your Tail to the Beach - Keep the Beach Clean - Nautical Wall Decor - California Seashell Company

vintagegal: “Glynis Johns in Miranda (1948) ”

Mislabeled as: Mermaid. This is Glynis Johns in the movie “Miranda” Great movie. Second movie was Mad About Men made in 1954 in Technicolor. Glynis Johns appears in both films as the mermaid Miranda.

Winter Humor | Murder by Sneeze. Very sad! #snowman #snowmen #winterhumor

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haha. I think this is the best photobomb known to man.

You're going to LOVE these 17 hilarious photobombs This photo bomb makes me laugh out loud. photo-bombing is awesome

Working with baby turtles… I would be full body in the water trying to float and be their life raft and have my face as close to them  as possible for as long as every breath can last

Working with baby turtles…

I want that job. Ok I so thought those were spiders for a minute, and was like why the crap would you want that job! Lol>> I thought they were spiders!<<< where can I apply for this job?

graffiti is the answer for those potholes the city seen to "forget"

12 of the Most Hilarious Car Memes

Funny pictures about Fixing Potholes Like A Boss. Oh, and cool pics about Fixing Potholes Like A Boss. Also, Fixing Potholes Like A Boss photos.

“If you swim effortlessly in the deep oceans, ride the waves to and from the shore, if you can breathe under water and dine on the deep treasures of the seas; mark my words, those who dwell on the rocks carrying nets will try to reel you into their catch. The last thing they want is for you to thrive in your habitat because they stand in their atmosphere where they beg and gasp for some air.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens -

I feel like.... We just want to get away!! And swim........ Swim with the sea. And be a mermaid

you think it would be pretty cool too. the ariel version. not a dangerous siren man-eating one.)Infact,id prefer it,to Ariel anyway.Go REAL mermaids!