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robots de la tienda capital

robots de la tienda capital

Book nooks/Library of my dreams

6 Pane Window for master west side wall centered & South side dining room wall & South side wall in my office & remove single window on the south side wall. Remove both windows in Ryan's office on the South side and put this 6 pane window too

"I wanted the robots to be goofy, so they needed to have big mouths, wonky antennae, and lots of blinking lights. Soda bottle jet packs on the back are good for getting to the candy faster; and the “spontaneously-combustible” hazard warnings on the back are a public service … because; while they might appear harmless and goofy, you still never know when these things might go 'off.'"    The robot helmets are plastic colanders, which glow at night from the lights mounted inside.    The robot…

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ROBOTS Short of having a "Mythbuster" for a father, it's hard to imagine a more awesome costume-maker for a dad than Otto Williams. Bonus points because the siblings are holding hands.

Lucite guitar

An entry from I am not a robot

Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar 25 unique and crazy custom guitar designs

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Wood Mode Kitchens Long Island Nassau Suffolk Queens

Sleek ideas to keep your kitchen appliances hidden

r2-d2 onesie with cap.  #toocute #starwars

quilt Such a cute baby picture idea So cute! Star Wars Baby Costume - Baby Clothes Halloween Costumes for You!