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The Deathly Hallows - Harry Potter Photo (28307361) - Fanpop

"After all this time?"Always" The three brothers, each with their Deathly Hallow; a truth to the character, spirit and embrace of Death unique to the brother

This part really is hilarious! Dan is perfect as Harry <3

I love Half Blood Prince for the humor, and the whole Felix Felicis part is my favorite by far. Also: All hands on deck, Granger and Good to see you, Wallenby. I'm watching the movie now!

Harry Potter characters  move me so that I write Fan- Fic about them!

Some of the characters of Harry Potter and what character archetype they represented-- Jo really included everything! Which is really cool because we're talking about hero archetypes in my Lit class.

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Being different isn't a bad thing, it means you're brave enough to be yourself. When I read this quote when I was about nine years old, I decided to live by this quote and be different. Luna has always been my favorite character along with the twins.


Hermonie is always put off as not being one of the bravest characters in Harry Potter and as just being smart but really she did one of the hardest things in the books