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De corazones, cuadros, caritas o de colores, las trenzas modificadas eran la opción perfecta para darle el toque personal a tus zapatos.

Vintage Rainbow Colored Heart Shoe Laces Trendy Girls

1970's 'mood' ring.

The Mood Ring. My mom had one that I'd sneak out of her jewelry box as a kid! I thought this thing was so amazing how it changed color. Can remember putting it on all my fingers to see if I could get a different mood out of different fingers.

Le chien à roulettes

L'arbre magique, Kiki, les pogs..Et toi, tu jouais à quoi quand tu étais petit ?

Le chien à roulettes

Bubble Umbrella (circa 1970s). innrømmer at jeg fremdeles er litt på utkikk etter en slik paraply: syntes de var fasinerende - og glamorøse - da jeg var liten

All Neutral Shift Dress

Bubble Umbrella (circa I had this exact umbrella in grade school.

My Dad got this for us for Christmas when we lived in North Carolina...how I miss those days...wish I could go back and visit.

Keymonica **I used to play the crap outta this thing! I was gonna be a rock star and bring the Keymonica in to the mainstream. I had dreams man.

Change holders lol

Rubber Squeeze Coin Purses- i remember taking my lunch money to school in a green one!

I remembered how much I loved this game when I saw this pic! DON'T BREAK THE ICE is a game released in 1968,& even though only 2 or 3 yrs old, I understood how to play!

Don't Break the Ice - Toys and Games from the Another game I had as a kid and bought for my own children!

Jiffy Pop - this reminds me of spending summers with my grandparents

Jiffy Pop is a popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods. The product combines unpopped popcorn kernels and oil with an aluminum pan and folded aluminum foil lid. As the pan is heated, the popping corn causes the foil to unfold and puff up. Jiffy in the name referen

My Mom wasn't good at breading hair, so she put a part in my head, wrapped one of these around the end of my ponytail, tied it in a bow and sent my off to school.  Memories.

Yarn Ponytail Ties I wore these in my pigtails all the time until I got the brilliant idea to get my hair cut into a shag. My hair wasn't long again for yrs!

Do you remember when the t.v. looked like this at night when it signed off? I sure do. :)

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control! Also that multi-color test pattern that came on after the station signed off for the night and they played the star spangled banner.