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imogen cunningham 1931

30 fotografías de Frida Kahlo que sólo los verdaderos admiradores conocen

Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait in Tehuana Dress (Thinking of Diego) , 1943 Frida Kahlo photographed in 1931 by Imogen Cunningham My stud.

Hold tight ~ what a great shot!

Frida 1960s mexican vintage shawl textile gray and White Rebozo Woven Baby Sling

Frida Kahlo: by Imogen Cunningham -- love her and love this photo, i believe i saw it at a frida khalo exhibition years ago along with other photos of her, which, despite the way she painted herself, was truly beautiful.


Through her paintings, she breaks all the taboos of the womans body and of female sexuality.

Dalí with Frida Kahlo

Goodness, he really does look crazy. Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo I love this picture. Frida looks so serene and beautiful and it is one of the most handsome pictures of Dali (though he still looks crazy).

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42 Frida Kahlo quotes you need to read "Don’t lose too much weight. Stupid girls are always trying to disappear as revenge.

Frida Kahlo- Great Necklace, and instructions on how to make it.

A necklace fit for Frida

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits. Her work has become worldly famous along with her distinctive choice of appearance. As she kept her distinctive unibrow. Kahlo died in 1954 but still remains to inspire many.

Frida Kahlo, née le 6 juillet 1907 à Coyoacán au Mexique et morte le 13 juillet 1954 dans la même ville, est une artiste peintre mexicaine.

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration" - Frida Kahlo.


Frida Kahlo in her hospital bed, drawing on her corset/plaster body cast with the help of a mirror, 1951 Photographed by Juan Guzman black & white photography injured in an accident as a teenager Frida endured over 40 operations in her life