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"grumpy" Shark

This weird looking fish that was recently caught does not look pleased. It's a species of shark, but can you guess what kind of fish it is?

Help me........................

Funny pictures about I can't see! Oh, and cool pics about I can't see! Also, I can't see!

Shark Week memes... XD

funny caption photo guy hanging from cliff don't worry dude i'll catch you shark

What's up my knittah - Imgur. Ha ha this is funny!

Funny pictures about Knitter for life. Oh, and cool pics about Knitter for life. Also, Knitter for life.

Let's make them birds :)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Me at work, sometimes

There are around 120 known species of puffer fish, the second most poisonous creature on the planet after the Golden Poison Frog. The puffer fish is found in tropical waters worldwide, but they rarely go into the cooler waters.

It really, really is....

Funny pictures about A dog's dark side. Oh, and cool pics about A dog's dark side. Also, A dog's dark side photos.

Whatever floats your goat haha

Whatever floats your goat. I have used this instead of "whatever floats your boat" for about a year. Now I have a picture to prove that I'm not completely insane :)

"Day 165. The sun shines brighter than usual. I'm beginning to lose my sanity, it giggles until it falls into the ocean."

Life of Pi got a sequel it seems.<<< I can't watch it! :( bc my mom says i cant watch tellytubbies or whtever theyre called

What a silly #bear. #funny #animals

Dis is MAH Foot, Bear foot // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Very brutal stuff

Funny pictures about Always bathe in the blood of your enemies. Oh, and cool pics about Always bathe in the blood of your enemies. Also, Always bathe in the blood of your enemies.

My husband would LOVE to see this if it was our chihuahua, Chloey!  April Lentkowski, Origami Owl designer, #40135, aprilski.origamiowl and visit my Facebook at www.facebook.com/OrigamiOwlAprilSki

Running dogs turned into star wars speeder bikes with storm troopers on them.