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Tausug dance performed on wedding day

About pangalay.a traditional Filipino dance originating from southern Muslim province

I went here before. A reflection of Philippines' rich culture. =)

Filipino Chief Lapu-Lapu led his warriors to victory over European explorer Ferdinand Magellan's musketeers. Lapu-Lapu himself killed Magellan.

Gabriela Silang

The Philippine archipelago lies in Southeast Asia in a position that has led to its becoming a cultural crossroads, a place where Malays,.

Japanese capture of Corregidor. 12,000 American become prisoners of war including 66 army nurses.

Japanese capture of Corregidor. American become prisoners of war including 66 army nurses.

The Filipino is a hard fighter, whether with our army or against it, Jan. 15, 1905 by John T Pilot, via Flickr

Interesting New York Tribune Newspaper Illustrated Supplement cover page from the early This image is from the US Library of Congress archives.

The Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s Office has partnered to digitize and index Oklahoma and Indian Territories incorporation records.

Found my great grandfather (Cherokee), great grandmother (Cherokee) and great great grandfather (full Choctaw) all registered Indians. I'm Choctaw & Cherokee.

Emmeline Pankhurst.

Emmeline Pankhurst arrested outside Buckingham Palace, I have a copy of this photograph posted in my bedroom. After every election I participate in, I place my "I Voted" sticker on it.

America's love for the Filipino people, in times of despair they are always there... The first "Leyte landing" in 1944 (for the liberation from Japanese occupation), and the second "Leyte landing" 2013... History repeats itself...

Douglas MacArthur Returns to Leyte, Philippine Islands, 20 October 1944

Coffy (1973)

Coffy - Pam Grier appoints herself judge, jury and executioner of the scum who dealt heroin to her sister. "Her name is Coffy and she'll cream you!