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Acabados Máquinas Cosido invisible - Costuras francesas - Parte 2 de 4 | Sew4Home

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - French Seams - Part 2 of 4 . (sorry for duplicate pin?

How to: Self-bound Seam, a great photo-accompanied #tutorial on creating a crisp self-bound #seam in just a few simple steps. #sewing

How to Sew a Self-Bound Seam for Tidy & Clean Garments

Seam Series: How to Sew a Self-Bound Seam - City Stitching with Christine Haynes

How to finish the edges on anything sheer. Best tutorial ever for finishing fine seams ~ sew it seams

Sewing with gauze BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns: Tejidos transparentes (Tutorial costura).

brush up on   hand sewing

Hand-sewing I hate hand sewing, I always try to figure out creative ways to use my sewing machine instead, but it doesn't look as good. This will be a great reference for me!

Your sewing project might be pretty on the outside, but what does it look like on the inside?  Sew4Home shows 15 ways you can finish the seams on your project so your inside looks neat and tidy. Cl…

Tutorial: 15 ways to finish a seam

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes: Looking Good from the Inside Out (Sewing Tips & Tricks)

How to sew french seams. Genius tips from the experts!

How to sew french seams. -- I had to learn to sew French seams my first big project, so glad I did, but will always take tips!

Installing a zipper. This is my favorite zipper tutorial.

Installing a Zipper ~ Tutorial by Michelle

Installing a zipper. This is my favorite zipper tutorial. [uses a glue-set (w/ a glue stick) method, rather than basting. So much easier!

Use Buttonhole foot #3 to create a perfectly stitched French seam. A French seam is a seam within a seam. Stitch a tiny 1/8″ seam with wrong sides together. Trim the ravelly edges. Press the seam allowances to one side.

French Seams - a little trick! Use the cording or button hole foot to sew seem wrong sides together. Press to one side and flip fabric right sides together. Sew slightly left of previous seam that is guided by the groove in the foot