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My crush would be a better friend and understand me more, but I would only have him and 1 other friend.

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im not a teenager but this is sooooo me!!!!!---> ikr!? I realize how similar I am to most teenagers and I've got about 2 years until

Teenager Post It may look like I'm having really deep thoughts but of the time I'm just thinking about what food I'm going to eat later.

haha i dont know why i found this so funny


funny quote there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair unless you thought you were alone

this is my LIFE

i stay mad at others for months, yet i did this to someone who i should've stayed mad at for my entire life


True XD I would anytime I played a awesome card how playing a card game, (OBVIOUSLY) Or if I accidentally did a awesome flip thing to save myself from falling XD


When you teach to the test grades are your priority, not individual competency that advances individual performance improvement

That awkward moment when you're actually telling the truth but you laugh during it and everybody thinks you're lying!


Ya sounds abt rightughh I'm so worried for him.he's like so nervous and Ik it's gonna b a difficult time. plussss he has a class of flirty girls so I feel most secure just shoot me nowlike ughhhh gurlllzzz