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25 pueblos que deberían cambiar de nombre pero ya

25 pueblos que deberían cambiar de nombre pero ya

The Blue Hole, Belize  but i want to know is there a 'sucking" think going on in the hole so that , if you were to swim in it... could you like disappear? lol

Sinkholes around the world - in pictures

Lighthouse Reef System, Belize, 2000 - The Blue Hole is a karst-eroded sinkhole, the result of the repeated collapses of a cave system formed during lower sea level stands

Blast from the past: Chris and Colleen Otcasek bought a house in Woodland Hills, Calif., which features an underground nuclear fallout shelter from the 1960s

California homeowners discover perfectly preserved nuclear fallout shelter from 1961 in backyard stocked with canned Multi-Purpose Food, Dixie Cups and boxes of Kleenex

California couple discovers perfectly preserved 1961 nuclear fallout shelter 15 feet below their backyard - SurvivalistDaily. Needless to say - I'm a little jealous

イエメンというと、中東、砂漠、といったイメージを思い浮かべてしまうかもしれませんが、実は、イエメンには多彩な植物や動物が生息する島があります。今回は、そんな命にあふれる島、ソコトラ島をご紹介します。 google.com ソコトラ島は、イエメンの海岸から約500km離れたインド洋の上に、浮かんでいます。 最近 |イエメン, 中東|アイディア・マガジン「wondertrip」


Dragon’s blood trees, Socotra, Yemen. Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra Dragon Tree or Dragon Blood Tree, is a Dragon Tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean.


Quinta da Baroneza • Selectism

BREAKING IN: Should Screenwriters Go “Back to the Future”? by Staton Rabin | Script Magazine #scriptchat

BREAKING IN: Should Screenwriters Go “Back to the Future”

Apparently, a Back to the Future musical stage show has been in the works for the last decade. I suspect time travel. Read more on The Mary Sue.

10 Shower Habits That You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

10 Bad Habits We All Have In The Shower

ten Shower Routines That You& Been Performing Incorrect Your Complete Lifetime

Cliff tree

Cliff Hanger - simply amazing tree struggles to survive in its tenuous location

16 Magnificos Inventos Japoneses

Japan is the tech center of this world and known for weird but amazing inventions. And hence there are few things, which you can’t find anywhere

Parenting Level Lazy Genius

Funny pictures about Lazy Parenting. Oh, and cool pics about Lazy Parenting. Also, Lazy Parenting photos.

Rinser Brush - Toothbrush with a fountain.

Dental tip: You can keep your toothbrush clean by soaking it in a cap full of hydrogen peroxide once a week. This is more than sufficient to kill the bacteria that normally accumulate in the brush. Once in a three months you must change your tooth brush.

though Richard Simmons had always been an idol of mine, it wasn't until I saw his googly eyed costume that I fell in love.

Richard Simmons in googly eye workout wear - nightmare fodder or a dream come true?