The Punisher

The Punisher- justifiable justice? One side solid and shining, gradient darker into sharp and dripping side. Justice he serves to the blood he sheds

So sad. I wish that more people would be sensitive when it comes to addiction. He is s real person, with real struggles! Hope he can recover!

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: RT WTF is going on there Its like they are all fighting over whos going to cuff him. Nearly tore him apart March 26 2016 at

Started as a doodle. Just a gesture, really. But I& just recently watched the trailer for 300 for about the twentieth time, and well, I couldn& resist throwing a Spartan helmet on him.

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Achilles was the son of the mortal Peleus and the Nereid Thetis. He was the mightiest of the Greeks who fought in the Trojan War, and was the hero of Homer's Iliad.