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4 Me gusta, 1 comentarios - #sonrienotodoesmedicina💎 (@words_med) en Instagram: "Fisiología pulmonar 💙💚🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 #lungs #air #balloons #medical #doc #medicine #instaday #nuis #scrubs…"

“The two lobes of the cerebrum were called by the ancients Cain and Abel, and have much to do with the legend of the curse with Cain, which is literally the curse of unbalance. For the murder of the spirit of the equilibrium Cain is sent forth a wanderer of the earth.”  ~ Manly P. Hall

The Best Sport For Your Brain

Understand Your Body: Pancreas. Infographic from New Visions Healthcare Blog                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Understand Your Body: Pancreas *Correction: The body produces glucagon when blood glucose is low, and insulin when it's high*


Cold or Flu? For all those people that claim they have the flu when they only have a cold.

Your Nervous System Controls Everything

Your central nervous system controls everything! Brain and Spinal Cord. Your spinal cord is protected by your spine. Time to have your spine checked?

Acetaminophen vs. ibuprofen (infographic)

Ibuprofen or Advil is an NSAID and is usually better for tooth pain than Tylenol, though they work even better together!

Types of Antidepressants and Common Side Effects

Antidepressants and Common Side Effects. I totally believe in antidepressants when needed. It's just also good to know the side effects.


EKG: I always seem to have an issue with remembering this. If only all EKG's were this easy to read.

Aphasia Cheat Sheet

Aphasia is multidimensional, meaning that it has many forms. There is no generic form. This info-graph helps show where damage occurs for each type of Aphasia and color coordinates with a chart to briefly explain what type of symptoms you would see.