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One Direction and Hunger Games humor. "Will somebody hold me?" Yep my exact reaction lol.

Yo soy del segundo JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Haha, I dislike one direction but this is great. However we and my friend are like this. I'm Harry. I really don't care if people touch me, but she will bite your head off.

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Dont worry Harry, we love you and your flaws! I occasionally hit people with a car too! :) but In meh dreams lol can't drive yet but still XD

I would too, you don't know what could happen while you're around the boys❤

Liam looks so innocent in the pic on the left.<<<The look on Zayn's face in that picture says it all, he's waiting to see if Liam will pants Harry again.

one direction #titanic funny

I'm just gonna bite my tongue and NOT comment about the look on Niall's face.

HAAHAHAHA!!!! Lol Harry would of done the same thing! At least harry survived the horrible relationship of Haylor cause i know i didnt

lmao sorry but that's a lie bc that picture is from when james corden was talk to them and he asked harry which woman he was gonna move to