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Nc que pasa pero cada dia que pasa me desiluciona su forma de amar

Tomarse de la mano está subestimado

Little hands love to feel rainbow colors, like the colors in the kitchen from a rainbow sundial on the window sill

This is what a rainbow sundial in the window can do! Whenever you get the chance, touch rainbow colors - it feels great!

✨"Inhale love, exhale peace"✨

—he laughed when he saw the small rainbow fall across the page. how appropriate for the occasion.


Aesthetic// I don't know why, but the reminds me of the rainbow highlighter

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"This isn't right, when you take physical form, you're only supposed to be in one place at a time." The two of her giggled, and the second one vanished. "My physical form is nothing more than illusion- and so is the idea that I'm not everywhere at once.

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TATTOOS IDEAS — → Felipe Mello Looove the idea of the flower stem coming out of the skull