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Death Note L BB Beyond Birthday Another Note Fanart aw, they're just so cute.

Lol XD  Funny Death Note comic

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Tags: Death Note, L Lawliet  I have never cried SOOOO FUDGING HARD in my LIFE! (oh my heart)

Tags: Death Note, L Lawliet, I totally just cried remembering this scene :( It's so sad that Light is actually Kira and sad for L to :'((( poor him # bid hug [>^-^)> just made me cry

Omigosh I LOVE this couple!

Death Kiss by ~Limebro on deviantART (Light and L from Death Note)<< don't ship, don't ship, don't.Ahhh the call of the ships is to strong!

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Death Note: Near. After L died in the anime, I just couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of the anime. But I did watch a few episodes with Near and Mello. I never watched any with Matt though. i may rewatch the anime again.

Death Note: Near. But I still managed to continue watching it. Near is almost as ingenious as L

Umm...Near...sweety...what's that ya got there. 0_o

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L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday

Beyond Birthday - Another Note: The Los Angeles Bb Murder Cases - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board