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Twice Minaㄿㄴㄹㄴ­바­카­라­카­지­노­\\モ BBK544。Comモ\\­무­료­릴­게­임­다­운로­드­

twice mina 미나 ( “slay right? omg why so hawt! my heart melted instantly after see this HAHA, sexy shoulder…”

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❁imagine twice❁ - ✖Surprise babe✖ (Dahyun) (Cute) - Wattpad

❁imagine twice❁ (Em Revisão) - ✖Surprise babe✖ (Dahyun) (Cute)

When are you going to stop being so dumb And only treat me as a friend?

TWICE - Dahyun

Dahyun notices a fan filming her, what she does next will make your heart burst