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Portrait Photography



Female Portraits by Greta Tu , http://photovide.com/female-portraits-greta-tu/

Female Portraits by Greta Tu

Beautiful portraits by Greta Tu, talented photographer who only 20 years old student currently living in Aalborg, Denmark. Female Portraits by Greta Tu:

Character inspiration (dark coven)

New faceclaim for Uyula. Raudha Athif allegedly committed suicide recently, though it's being investigated as a potential Islamic extremist hate crime. I'm so devastated for her. Another strong woman lost to ignorant, angry men.

Magnificent Photography: 25 Stunning Shots - Slumber by Senju-HiMe

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15 Best Images About Turquoise Room Decorations

Turquoise blue girl's bedroom features a white feather chandelier, Eos White Pendant, illuminating a white wingback bed dressed in pale blue bedding as well as blue and purple paisley pillows tucked under an eclectic art gallery placed next to casement wi