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History of Shoes

A History of Shoes Shoes have become more than just a protective foot coverings. Through time, however, shoes denoted people’s occupation, economic and social status, fashion sense and much more. So what role does shoes play in your life ?

The History Of The Bra [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History Of The Bra [INFOGRAPHIC]

Beauty Tips from History - Not sure how we feel about these but they are interesting!

Weird and wacky beauty rituals throughout history [Infographic]

Beauty Requirs Sacrifice-Weird and Unusual Beauty Tips from History - Moco-choco

Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) by ~lilsuika on deviantART

vintage ethnic fashion ancient South Asian styles through history - China, Japan, Vietnam cloth women

Take a Look Back - The Evolution of Women's Swimwear #Infographic #History #fashion

The Evolution of Women's #Swimwear - #Infographic #history