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mejores fotografias de la historia anden

Las mejores 100 fotografías de la historia que debes conocer según TIME

Bloody Saturday – a crying Chinese baby amid the bombed-out ruins of Shanghai’s South Railway Station, 1937


Fotografías que demuestran el lado más cruel del hombre

The Rwandan Genocide in Over the course of approximately 100 days over people were killed according to a Human Rights Watch estimate The Hutus did not have a good reason for killing the Tutsis. Were they jealous? Did the Hutus want more?

Fotos de la guerra de Vietnam [nunca vistas] - Taringa!

Fotos de la guerra de Vietnam [nunca vistas]

Fotos de la guerra de Vietnam [nunca vistas] - Taringa!

Las familias siempre serán familias, siempre y cuando estén integradas por, amor, valores e ideales, no tienen que ser de hombre y mujer, siempre y cuando prevalezca la unidad y la integridad entre todos

MyFamilyBuilders™ is creating a children's toy set for blended, multicultural…

Soldados estadounidenses escoltan a niños holandeses a un baile. [II Guerra Mundial, c. 1944 - 1945].

42 emocionantes momentos en que la compasión humana venció a la violencia

American soldiers escort a group of Dutch children dressed up in traditional costume for a concert after the liberation in February, 1945 - this is just the sweetest picture ever. These big tall soldiers and those little doll babies!

Thomas Tham. It is amazing to me, that this child can smile with the turmoil around her. She picks up a wired conduit to be used as her new found toy. She smiles. She plays. She is a child. Not knowing the world around her disintegrates. Or maybe she does know.

19 Fotos Que Representan La Inocencia De Los Niños Pequeños

Coche Pullman , estilo rococo ,cerca de 1800 . . .

Coche Pullman , estilo rococo ,cerca de 1800 . . .