I love her hair and the headpiece

I love her hair and the headpiece, not to mention the smoky eye and the turtleneck collar.


Steampunk fashion photography by Rebeca Saray featuring Aviator goggles & the sun bouncing off of the gold clockwork detailing around hat & eye patch.

Vintage headpiece

gold headdress- Medina Maitreya model- Kimberly Mackoy Photography- Kristine Adams One of my all time favorite headpieces!

Frisuren Musical

If I do cybergoth the only color I would incorporate with black is green. Green is my favorite color.


Punk Hairstyles for Men

Love the goggles and the awesome dreads. So so perfect! I hear Kit Stolen (the model) makes and sells falls similar to the ones in his hair. He also does scene & costume design.


Sky Pirate costume- skirt and skirt wrap would be an easy make. So would the belt. Have pattern for the different corsets. Or forget costume: just wear this when you don't want anyone to mess with you. Like an audition. Or the DMV.


Sleeves, shortcut for flowing sleeves underneath a sleeved over-dress. Interesting, and elastic could work as well as the laceup. This could be useful for cosplay.


Ear cuff have pierced to be able to show off. Easily found in jewelry a row of small earrings to the earlobe. Ear cuffs idea by top fashion-able celebrity

Dekilah: I like the sort of dark steampunk look, or at least the eclectic mix here with the eye patch, the feathers, the goggles, etc.

Black and red makeup for a steampunk photosession. I made makeup and costume, Rebeca Saray made this amazing photo, and the model is Anneke Necro

Sapphire's watch

Steampunk Spiked Gears Cuff via Etsy. I hope she doesn't get rusty. Very nice fingerless glove. It is too feminine for me but I still admire its beauty!