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Houndoom variations

wheatart: “I LOVE the Pokemon subspecies/variations meme that has been going around, and I had to try it on one of my favourites, Houndoom! I think the Hellhound variation is probably my favourite.

Starter Pokemon Regional Variants

Starter Pokemon Regional Variants

I design some different forms for starter pokemon,hope u like it XD evo into link Bulbasaur Type:Fire Charmander Type:Water Squirtle Type:Grass Chikorita Type:Flying C.I love the use of the first design of Torchic.


csticcoart: “tried to break my art rut by throwing all my fucks out the window and drawing pokemon i have been trying not to do fanart for a while now but maybe i should just do whatever the heck i want just to keep drawing have some typhlosion.


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Ninetails is one of my favorite Pokemon! I love this more than words can describe.


Off-Model Marine Creatures by Omegawatt Posted by /u/thomar to /r/alternativeart