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[8x05 - Coming Home Was A Mistake] NO NO NO did I mention NO  ⠀ Q: Do you like Sybil? I guess I only liked her in 8x04 when she told her story. But now she annoys me again, she just needs to leave Damon alone. ⠀ My edit give credit [#damonsalvatore#sybil#tvd#thevampirediaries#vampirediaries#tvdforever#8x05|136.2k]
I adored this scene with Katherine and Jer! This proves to me why I love Jeremy, he is just so sweet and genuine even to those that have treated him badly. 5x02 #thevampirediaries
Awww. I love that Caroline and Damon could develop a friendship. The two people that love him the most
TVD 5x15 you go carolline
Damon de volta
Tvd 8x10 - Then why are you here?
Frases para reflexionar !! - Crónicas vampíricas - Series de televisión
I love this scene from 4x19.