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when you start to realize that a plot twist is about to happen in your show

My reaction when I found out this beautiful man committed suicide 😭 RIP Jonghyun age: 27

Beautiful Jonghyun. He truly looks best when singing and smiling.

In memory of Jonghyun, always remembered as someone who loved music and though he was part of Shinee he was a man who always gave his best and needed more love. My sincere condolences to family, close friends and fellow band members.


Jonghyun - Omo this is so cute

Cuteee Jonghyun gif

One of my all time favourites. So sad with today's news. He was such a talented vocalist and dancer and was incredibly funny too.

#wattpad #fanfiction The serious drought of male k-idols getting some male on male action is limited to fanservice. As a pansexual guy, I don't like that. As a demisexual guy, I need to feel to fuck, to put it bluntly, so emotions will happen. I know it is really hard to find some quality fanfic in this field, so I pro...

Kpop x Male Reader - New Story + Q&A

jonghyun, no offense but you were so friggin rude its bad for my heart. still love you tho

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Jonghyun /// Shinee /// Such a hottie (♡●♡) xx

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He's just so damn sensitive, but shawols wouldn't change him for the world💙.evil maknae laughing somewhere tho

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#choke #shinee #blingbling #kpop #snl #jonghyun