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myminimalart: “ Minimal Film Poster - Mulan © 0011101000110011 ” There’s something rather phallic about this poster, but all things considered, I guess that’s appropriate.

The image was created by Dave Perillo who is also a huge fan of the Pixar films and was thrilled to do this piece for Acme Archives Direct.    25 Years of Pixar ($50) sold out today. My 12″ x 36″ limited edition silkscreen print will grace the walls of my office and join my cherished Mondo prints. The 150 piece hand-numbered edition came with a Certificate of Authenticity and I was lucky to get # 105.

Dave Perillo’s 25 Years of Pixar Print

Celebrating 25 Years of Pixar (Luxo Jr. Variant) by Dave Perillo - Montygog's Art-O-Rama!